Dare to believe in packaging!

 It’s feeling like the time’s run out, But the hour glass, just flipped itself over  again.
The sun is slowly sinking down, But on the other side a new day awaits to begin.

Above are the lines from a famous song “Dare to Believe”. While listening to this song there was a feeling which can be connected to Packaging Connections. From the inception, we dared to believe to bring paradigm shift in packaging at various verticals –

  • We believed in information and knowledge sharing so started www.PackagingConnections.com and sent our first newsletter in 2005
  • Dare to start “offsite consulting” and believed it will work. Did a successful project with a multinational in 2007 and since then delivering offsite packaging projects year on year
  • We believed in “Rising India” hence brought new technologies in India by signing our first project in 2008 and then many others with a latest addition this year.
  • We believed Internet and Content Marketing is the Future and signed our first project in 2008. Now, we all can witness the power of social media in every field, even in politics
  • We believed to bring a shift in packaging events so did Ideas & Opportunities that was a kind of packaging event never witnessed earlier. No sponsor, no chief guest, no external speakers. You can check the details at http://lnkd.in/-MfkjR
  • With this dare to believe, we launched packaging KPO, e-Learning in packaging and email consulting
  • We dare to re-shape the packaging books hence published various books on “Innovation in Packaging”.

We dare to believe that day is not far when we can vouch for a saying Packaging is the visible aatma (soul) of a product, so no aatma, no life and body is useless – PACKAGING IS EVERYTHING

Enjoy wonders of Packaging and do dare to believe, the song link is http://youtu.be/jwyLltJtDFE

Sandeep Kumar Goyal
Founder & CEO

Source: PackagingConnections.com/blog


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